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Ask Accountancy is your local accountancy firm that delivers efficient and better value services than other traditional high-street accountants.

You’ll get the perfect combination of accountancy advice & service for freelancers, contractors, self-employed, small to medium businesses and partnerships.

Our clients trust us with their business finances - let us help you, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Ask Accountancy Team



Name: Andrew Hurd

Position: Company Director

Date Joined: 2002

Accredited: ACCA

"Hi, I am Andrew and I am very proud to be the director or Ask Accountancy. I have been a member of the ACCA for over 25 years and formed Ask Accountancy in February 2002. Since that date we have developed what I believe to be a great team and client base. We pride ourselves on offering a very friendly, efficient and professional service to all clients.

When not “accounting” I am often to be found running, swimming or cycling."

Name: Collette Hurd-Smith

Position: Xero Champion Internal Accountant

Date Joined: 2014


" I feel with we have a fantastic team here as Ask.

As a company we pride ourselves in treating everyone as an individual not a number. No client query is viewed as trivial; we always seek a resolution to a problem and aim to support our clients in their endeavours."

Name: Robyn Tippin

Position: Senior Accountant

Date Joined: 2014

"We are a friendly and helpful company catering for all your accounting needs.  During my time here at Ask, I found the company to be nothing but friendliness and professional in our approach to all our clients."

Name: Nikki Marwaha

Position: Payroll Manager

Date Joined: 2005

"My name is Nikki. I am the Payroll Manager; I have been working for Ask for over 14 years.  My main role is dealing with payroll and pensions. However, I am always on hand to help with any other queries.

At Ask we always try our hardest to be professional, helpful and friendly."

Name: Kelly Morley

Position: Office Co-Ordinator

Date Joined: 2019

"Hi, I am Kelly the Office Manager here at Ask. I love managing the office and helping clients. Nothing is too much trouble and we are all committed to supporting our clients"

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